Laudium Cricket Club Flood Light Project

  • Complete installation requirements:
    • 3 Phase power conversion
    • Laying of cables
    • Foundation
    • Light bulbs
    • Council approval
  • Costs:
    • Approximately additional R350 000
    • R100 000 previously raised through sponsorship
  • Funding:
    • Sponsorships, loan and activity funding
  • Community support required:
    • Financial (Supporting and also driving fund raising through dinners, events etc..
    • Spreading the word
    • Expertise with regards to:
      • Flood light installation
      • Council approval fast tracking

L.C.C. Flood Light Advantages:

  • Revenues from night cricket matches
  • Upgrades  and introduction of new facilities at the oval
  • Revenues generated will help to promote continuous improvement and autonomy
  • Club members can utilise facilities at night if unable to make it during the day due to traffic or working hours
  • Community members will be able to walk at night

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